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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> the families of the victims arrived in the bay area today. as more questions are raised about what led to that deadly collapse, tonight, though the emphasis was on those young lives lost. >> nbc bay area joins us now in berkley with how the students are being remembered. jean? >> raj, not a lot of people are talking about their grief. but, at two events tonight, their sad faces and their silence spoke volumes. hundreds of people gather in berkley, silently holding candles, praying for the six young people killed during a 21st birthday party when a balcony collapsed and sending love to the seven recovering in the hospital. >> the worst thing that can happen in life is to lose a child. >> earlier tonight, hub e hundreds more gathered in the cathedral cathedral, christ-the light." most are from ireland in berkley on summer work visas.
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families arrived tonight. he says they're in shock. >> that was one of their biggest questions. when can we see? sometimes you just need to see and touch and feel it and that's what the parents wanted most. >> hours at the hospital with survivors tuesday having to tell one young man his best friend passed away. >> but it was hard telling the young man that one of his friends had just passed. it was the sixth one. he swrus fell into your arms. the only thing you can do is be there and be present. >> he says while six families face the horrible task of bringing their children home in a kas ket, there are many others who face a long recovery. >> he turned and looked at the bodies lying he was in such a state of shock he just continued walking. and then ran a distance and came back. others saw the image of them
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falling and looking down and into the devastation. and how do you erase that memory or that thought or that experience? >> reporter: so much sadness here in berkley. the families spent much of the evening over at the berkley police department. it's possible they saw the candle light vigil here. i'm told they'll be able the see their loved ones tomorrow. >> all right, jean, thank you. we also have new details about the contractor that built the apartment complex. segway construction, based in pleasant ton, has a troubling history. the company recently settled two lawsuits of allegations of improperly waterproofing balconies at complexes in san jose. sam singer says the type of balconies ininvolved in those recent lawsuits are different from the one that collapsed in berkle,y. >> meanwhile, berkley's mayor
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says he does believe that balcony may have collapsed because of dry rot. he speculates that water seeped into the wood and caused the beams to rot and then snap. today, crews removed the balcony below the one that collapsed as a precaution. now, we are up dating this story 24 hours a day. all you need to do is go to nbc bay and download our free nbc bay area app. >> we are following some breaking news in charles dm ton, south carolina. nine people are dead after a mass shooting at a historic african american church. police say a white man in his 20s entered the church during bible study around 9:00 p.m. charles ton time. several shots were fired. the search for the gunman continues at this hour. police are considering this a hate crime. >> we have investigators that are out tracking leads that are coming in. and we will continue to do that until we find this individual who has carried out this crime tonight and bring him to
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justice. >> now, the pastor of the church ref revved clamanta is also a state senator. it's not clear if he was in that church this etching. we'll continue to fol to low this breaking news throughout the night as they continue to search for the gunmen. our morning newscast begins at 4:30. >> also new at 11:00, a stabbing at a local monostair sends a 66-year-old monk to the hospital. it happened in east oakland yesterday evening. this is the chopper video. police say the monk was stabbed by another monk who then ran off. the victim is reportedly in critical but stable condition. no arrests have been made. >> and check this out, a smash and grab for drugs caught on camera. police are looking for these men who broke into the maximart pharmacy and then took off with dozens of bottles of prescription drugs. it happened at 3:30 in if morning. another drug ripoff happened at the same pharmacy just a few
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months ago. at this point, it's not clear if the crimes are linked. >> it's a safe bet that the warriors are, well, sleeping. it's been a long 24 hourings, or rather 24 days. they're in this afternoon with some new brksz ling. the team greeted about 100 or so warrior staff members who were waiting on the tarmac to welcome them home. >> the real homecoming is friday. but at this hour, they're still setting the stage. literally. let's take you outside to look at the convention center where friday's ceremony will be held right after the parade. it's right along lake merit which will be a fantastic backdrop for that championship celebration. >> there hasn't been a victory parade in oakland since the raider's parade in 1981. the as didn't have a parade in 1989 because of the earthquake. here's the route right down broadway. cut across on grant to lake merit. nbc bay area's ian cole is there.
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>> reporter: security is actually pretty tight here at the convention center. the gates are even blacked out as workers work behind them trying to construct that stage for the rally on friday following the parade. but it is part of a much larger bay area wide effort to welcome back their champions. >> as soon as the buzzer sounded, the bay area celebrated and then got to work. preparing for their nba champions. six floats are being built fr the players and staff. >> the orange circles will soon be turned into basketballs. and then we've got the gold and the blue celebrating the team. >> on short notice, some had to be con verted for friday. >> we've already been under the gun. and now we've got two guns. >> this one to represent one of the themes of the celebration, the bay area's team.
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>> for this rendition, it's a hougs that represents the home of the bay area people. >> crews started at 8 a.m.:00 a.m. loading barricades. 4,00 o of them or about 6 miles worth. dozens of people here working day and night. >> who will deliver the gates tomorrow night for set up. >> tens of thousands of warriors fans are expected for the parade. the platform is still being constructed, but the stage is set to celebrate the chance. >> the city and bay area are ready. reporting live in oakland
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tonight, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> did he say 5:00 a.m.? >> 5:00 in the morning. be there orr be square. >> ian should be there at 5:00 a.m., also. now, if you can believe the call in sick to work, we'll be broadcasting the parade live on tv and online. you can also check out for more information on the road closures. >> so company employee or contractor? the state's labor commission called an uber driver an employee. san francisco-based driver sued the company claiming uber owes her more than $4,000 in expenses. uber is appealing the lay bor relations ruling. if uber loses, it can be on the hook for workers' compensation shurnsz and expenses like gas for all of those drivers. tonight, we know more about how much ellen powell owes her
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former employer. powell sued over gender discrimination in what she called retaliation. now she's ordered to pay more than $275,000 in court feesment it's significantly less than the $950,000s she owed. >> someone defaced this unique piece of art. south san francisco police are trying to track down this man. you can see him engraving what appears to be his initials into the heart statue. this is in fropt of the main entrance to the conference center. it happened back in april. but police are just now releasing the surveillance video. the statue was a gift from the near buy biocompany. police are now releasing photos of what the two convicted killers might look like at this point.
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david sweat and richard matt could look a bit hairier. investigators say they searched more than 10,000 acres of up state new york. she reportedly ploted to have the men kill her husband after they got out. >> 6 million smart phones at risk of being hacked. the flaw that could put your information in jeopardy. >> i'm peggy bunker. a woman will be on the fact of the new and improved $10 bill for the first time in 110 years. the u.s. treasury wants you to know who you think it should be. >> the potential new treatment without having surgery. >> good evening. after low 90s in the east bay for today, down to 60 in dublin
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also 56 in arinda. we'll have details in the heat tomorrow plus, of course the warrior's victory parade forecast in just a few minutes.
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get a makeover. one of founding fathers alexander hamilton, is on his way out. in his place -- a more femi okay, get ready. the $10 bill is about to get a makeover. alexander hamilton is on his way out. and, in his place, a more feminine look. >> a woman will now be on the ten, but here's the catch. we don't know who it is. it's actually up to us. peggy, how does this work? >> pretty cool makeover here. the treasury says people will be able to weigh in on this for this summer. we heard a lot of votes for el nor roosevelt and harriet tubman. hamilton was our country's first secretary of the treasury. >> i think it's fantastic and its's overdue. >> move over alexander hamilton, you've been replaced. starting in 2020 the first woman in a hundred years will grace the $10 bill which is being revamped with new security features. >> i think el nor roosevelt
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would be an comment choice. >> who the woman will be must be deceased and played a role in democracy. >> it is long overdue. i think a woman should have been represented on currency a long time ago. harriet tubman put pressure to change some curb sills. in today's meeting with reporters, lou stated america's currency makes a statement about who we are and what we stand for as a nation. putting a woman on the $10 bill reflects our aspirations for the future as much as a reflection of the past. at today's walk a mile in her shoes event, a fundraiser to end violence against women, many hope the new currency will serve as a remiebder about the wage gap. >> i wonder if there could be more than one. and i wonder if we could start a confers about the fact that
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women still earn 77 cents on a dollar. i think it needs to be symbolic about the fact that we're making progress. there's more to do. >> there will be a day when we were able to say quite soon when every man and woman is paid precisely the same amoubt for their work. >> the mayor there, wearing the heels for today's event. by law, george washington must always remain on the $1 bill. it will be engaging the public in this decision and asking them to vote over this summer. back to you. >> all right, peggy, it is about time. a warning tonight for people who use the samsung game ax sill smart phones. a glitch allows hackers to break in if that phone is connected to an unsecure wifi network.
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owners of s 4 through s 6 should avoid unknown networks. the practice is known as throttling. >> well say bye, bye to la la boula. starbucks bought the san francisco-based chain two years ago for a hundred million dollars and started serving its pastries. now, the coffee giant says it will close the bright blue stand alone caves by the end of september, calling them not sustainable. >> how do you feel about that? >> i'm upset. >> me, too. >> i don't like the move. >> i haven't seen jessica so upset in a long time. >> out raged. >> now i've got to go to this bakery tomorrow. >> you haven't been? i don't know, i feel the same,
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jess. it's not the same when you get it at starbucks. >> no. >> let's go and get a live look out here at oakland tonight. 57 degrees and oracle is lit up tonight. who knows what's going on there, perhaps for the parade on friday. we'll have that full victory parade forecast coming up in a few minutes. we'll take you outside of the sky camera network right now. we've cooled off dramatically from some hotter weather in the east bay where we had some low and mid 90s down to 62 degrees. the fog and the coastline eventually pushing back make it comfortable with you. crack the windows open tonight. you probably don't need any kind of ac in the east bay. 68 degrees and clear skies. it will not be all clear for tomorrow morning. we'll have patchy clouds for the south bay. 49 degrees for the average in the north bay. so jacket weather again to start especially if you're up at 5:00 6:00 and also 7:00 in the morning.
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i want to jump ahead in the forecast looking ahead at three months in what our trend is going to be. this is very typical. but it's a big reminder that we are not expecting any kind of big storms throughout the rest of june, july or august. everyone into early september. we have our semi-permanent area moving across the pacific. that's going to block any kind of major storm activity. so, obviously, the drought is going to get worse. right now we have the highest levels of drought through our contracost and alameda counties. it's not as bad up into marin. if other thing that tends to jump this time of the year is the uv index. this is serious, folks. it's going to be an 1, which is considered extreme from the epa, when it hits an 111, it means you can get burned in as little as 10 minutes. make sure you have that spf and the hats, if that's an option.
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let's take you to the microforecast. it's on cruise control in the south bay. 85 degrees, sunny skies in san jose. looking great. for the north bay, east bay and also for the trivalley, napa going up to 83 degrees and sunny conditions. check out the heat we expected. 93 here in danville. livermore expecting 9 o as well. we may even have a few more isolated 90s. let's take you to the trend as we head throughout friday, saturday and sunday. sts going to get a little bit hotter. i's not going to get extremely hot, no widespread triple digits. we'll have 87 for the average in the south bay. and the try valley in the north bay with low 90s.
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this forecast probably has you showned right in on friday's forecast, even if you become some sort of band wagon warrior's fan. you want to know what that parade forecast is because you'll probably be out there getting pictures, tweeting them. that's going to be good for getting some good photos of those players. far off with the overcast skies. by 10:00 a.m., the sun starts to come out. you could see sunny skies from noon right through 2:00 p.m. with low to mid 70s. this is a slam dunk forecast as i saideringier. i'm not going to try to do the slam dunk again. i kind of embarrassed myself. >> perfect timing there. you pix e fixed it just like you did with all the giants. still ahead, curing a pend siets with pills. we'll have the details for you. >> also, everyone buzzing about the warriors including our buddy, jimmy fallon. >> le ron e bron james talked about his team saying, "we ran out of talent." cavaliers say oh now, it's we? take kroet for this one.
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>> a lot more where that's coming from. jimmy has a few more jokes about the war i don't recalls and lebron immediately following this newscast.
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after more than a century of surgically removing appendiixes ,,.resaerchers say antibiotics may be able to salvage the organ .
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===vo=== researchers in finlan swapping the knife for drugs. researcherings say aent buy otices may be able to save the organ. researchers in finland say antibiotics work just as well. patients took aernt biotics for ten days three days through an i.v. at the hospital seven days for treatment at home. some doctors, though insist that surgery is a quicker treatment and it's still recommended for pregnant women and children. >> there's another medical breakthrough that could help 36 million americans who suffer from migraines. a new class of drugs can actually prevent the headaches from even starting. they're being featured at a meeting this week of the american headache society. now, the drugs interfere with the cgrp neurotransmitter that triggers migraines. four different companies are testing those drugs right now. okay are we ready for girard? >> we're ready for girard. >> more from the as and giants tonight. stay with us.
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as one would imagine.... the warriors plane ride home this good evening. girard montourae. as one would imagine, the warriors plane ride home this morning, a feeling of accomplishment that most nba players never get a chance to experience.
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this part of the celebration coming from the twitter account of harrisson barns. all the fellas grooving in full effect with o.t. genesis in the background and the trophy front and center. now, there was time for reflection of a puch-needed nap and series mvp. once the touchdown, members of dub nation made it easy for them to perk up and enjoy being back in the bay. >> cleveland, their fans brought it but we've still got the best fans in the nba. to be back home is amazing. >> i can't wait for the parade. we're going to have a good time celebrating. >> the san francisco chronical had a good time keeping up with the man today on the cover. regular season mvp step curry with the word golden moment fitting perfectly. all proud of their coliseum complex counter parts.
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the three cent tweets ranging from way to bring the champs back to oakland from way to bring the chip back to the bay. pad rays and as keeping the faith. first inning, two aboard. billy butler connects with a violent swing. three-run bomb as the as open the first with a four spot. meanwhile, jesse chavez dominant sixth inning. next hitter, young gurvis had a seat. ten strikeouts. chavez comes back out for the seventh. he finished with 11 ks and seven innings. as pile on late and win big, 16-2. giants and mariners flip their season. sixth inning runner on first for austin jackson. he takes madison bum gardener deep to center. coming hard to the plate. just beats the relay, 1-0,
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mariner's. runners on first and second. but the best justin maxwell can do is round out the third ending the inning. giants get shutout 2-0. and, finally, the gman symbolically signed a world series hero to a major league contract so the 13 year veteran can retire in orange and black. the former second baseman is still rehabbing from two vertebrae that fused together. right now, in his retirement all he wants to do is live pain-free with his family and enjoy his time awra from the game. that's it for sports. more news coming up after the break.
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next generation, honored today with scholarships at our state capitol. comcast awarded the nearly 200 students saw movers and shakers of the next generation honored today at the state capitol.
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comcast awarded all lead everies and achievers $1,000 scholarship. around half of the scholars are from the bay area. two students were even surprised with $10,000 scholarships leaving them speechless and, of course mom and dad super-overjoyed. >> what a nice event. >> that's wonderful. >> thanks for joining us here at 11:00. have a great thursday morning. >> we will see you tomorrow. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark ruffalo. alan rickman. musical guest, james taylor.


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